Cyril Lagrange

What you will find in this workspace?

This Toolbox provides insights and relevant examples of methodologies, models, and concepts at the core of my personal practice. It also showcases the kind of approaches we develop and implement with partners ( Professional Services firms Mindoo teams up with) and with client project or Board teams.

Who is this for?

For clients from TM & Tech industries, e-Banking, and Public Sector, Mindoo Management provides cutting-edge professional services and support for implementation.

Clients need to investigate and solve open-problems that require strategic and financial modeling anchored in data exploitation. Handling complex projects, they need to tackle systemic issues that combine a diversity of expertise and capabilities to cope with complexity and uncertainties.

*Direction is more important than speed.

Agility and innovation are not improvision, but the act of discipline.*

— Reality

Table of content

Making an impact

In most business situations, it all begins with intentions, whether specific or bigger. Intentions materialize and get verified uniquely when the expected impacts are identified and attainable, with a yearning to create a common good.

In any organizational settings, Mindoo and stakeholders are engaged to make an impact. Change and reachning the expected outcomes start with having a clear undertanding of the dynamics of change and follow the appropriate strategic frameworks.

Making an impact rests on a comprehensive and articluated framework. Schematically, it stems from undertsanding the actual situation (or the desire to willfully step aside of an existing context), identify the drive to change the current settings, clarify the business intentions, assess and decide on the implications for each stakeholders, up to building, communication and executing the required change actions to achieve the expected impact (see Figure below).

All the way through, progress, efficiency and value creation measurement must be monitored.